October is Morning After Month – Part 22

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgOur 22nd story is “The Blue Testament” by Marshall Payne, a writer of science fiction and fantasy and has written over 100 stories and sold to 43 markets such as Aeon, Talebones, Brutarian and Triangulation: End of the Rainbow. He lives in San Antonio, Texas with novelist Jaime Lee Moyer and their two cats. His novels Petrol Queen and Jimmy-Don and the Texas Hill Country Ordeal are available on Amazon.com. Learn more about him at marshallpayne.com or on his Amazon.com Author’s page.

The Blue Testament

By Marshall Payne

When the paramedics arrive just before midnight, they have to climb over the debris to get to His Jaguar. Our Lord’s vehicle has torn the revolving door from its hinges and spread shattered glass to the hotel’s registration desk. His Jaguar is a crumpled ball of metal smashed against the wall of key boxes. Our Savior is trapped inside. Anxious, I walk away.

Luke finds me, and drags me to the hotel bar, where we drink highballs with the gang. Just us pros, a twelve-pack of Apostles.

Mark does card tricks for Matthew and Paul, probably trying to distract them from their burgeoning grief. “Sleight of hand,” he says as he flips four jacks down onto the bar. He winks, and buys me a bourbon and soda. “He’ll come back, you wait and see.”

Thomas, dubious as ever, shakes his head. He leans against the waitress’ station. “Your convention will go down in history, Peter,” he says to me. His inebriated eyes are bloodshot. “Though not in a good way.”

John frowns his sympathy. “These things happen, Peter. Try not to let it get you down. Still, it’s a huge loss. He was our Houdini.”

Want more? The anthology is available in print and Kindle versions. For details, see the Parsec Ink Page.

Reviews to date:

Marshall Payne is likely to offend a few Christians with his “Blue Testament” but the voice and rhythm I found compelling. J.C.’s gang of apostles mope as his Jaguar has crashed and they presume Him dead, but he dashes back out on stage at the end. This didn’t carve out much for itself, but the ride was interesting.
Trent Walters, SF Site.

“The Blue Testament” by Marshall Payne is a very different look at Jesus and his apostles, set in a modern day world where they are a pack of showmen. Jesus has died in a car crash, and the others wonder if he’ll manage to make it back again this time. It’s flash fiction, carried off with a lot of brio and fun, and the concept is an amusing one.Chuck Rothman, Tangent Online.

What do you think? Bold, sharp, edgy, this flash has a great deal going for it. We liked it from first read.

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    Congratulations on making your Write1Sub1 goal for October. Hope that Sandy didn’t cause you too much trouble.

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