Spring Fashion Published at Pure Slush

Spring Prosthetic Leg“Spring Fashion,” one of my more controversial flash stories appears this week at Pure Slush. It’s about a teenaged girl and her little sister, fashion trends, sibling jealousy, and most importantly the lengths we will go to to “fit in”. The reaction has been intense. What do you think?

Carol touches her sister’s big toe. The flesh is cold and hard, not like skin at all. She pulls away. A thrill of terror runs down her spine. For the first time, she understands how dangerous her sister’s obsession has become.


susan tepper:
OMG I was utterly horrified at what this girl is doing. Is this a ‘trend’??? Or is it the sci fi market? Tell me! I need to know! It totally freaked me but gets high marks for craft…
G. K. Adams:
I can’t say I enjoyed this piece, but I can say, great writing. I felt real revulsion. The story is a powerful comment on our need to conform. Good job.
Kyle Hemmings:
This piece reminds me of the movie Crash with James Spader, which was about people who get sexually excited over car crashes and amputee or disfigured body parts. This is a wonderfully fascinating take in a kind of morbid obsessive way. Great work as usual.
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2 Responses to Spring Fashion Published at Pure Slush

  1. Mighty fine work, Steve — left you a comment over there.

  2. You’ve got a great idea and some good descriptions there. I wanted more though *pouts*

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