‘Tis More Blessed Week 4

And this week’s winner is…. Michelle Wallace.

Tis More Blessed Friday Raffle‘Tis More Blessed continues today with over 40 authors participating! Every Friday in December I will be raffling off a book to one lucky winner. To enter, drop a comment below. I will select a winner at random.

Then, visit other authors to see what’s they have to offer.

THIS WEEK’S PRIZE IS GLASS ANIMALS, my first collection of (very) short fiction.

Glass Animals Cover Image

Here’s what folks have to say about Glass Animals:

“Many of Steve’s characters are quite oblivious of what’s happening to them which is an enormous part of the appeal (and torture) of each story. We gain an (often uncomfortable) insight into the protagonist’s experiences but we are, of course, powerless to explain it to them, or save them from whatever destruction or change seems inevitable. Universally, Ramey’s characters are very real, even the most absurd and outlandish of them, no matter what age or gender – he picks out and unweaves exactly what makes each one human and flawed and beautiful. Every story makes you wonder how you’d seem if sketched as one of the characters – not always a wholly enjoyable idea but one that certainly keeps those tales secure in your head for days…” – Jo Gatford, author of White Lies, winner of the 2013 Luke Bitmead Writer’s Bursary (to be published soon by Legend Press)

“In his collection Glass Animals, Stephen Ramey delivers a collection of short fiction that at once engages, bewilders, and elevates the form to a new space. Ramey gets under the skin of his characters to present the reader with a spectacular journey through the four quartets that make up the collection: Reflect, Refract, Reveal, Distort. Each story is the equivalent of looking at the world through a kaleidoscope and the shattered, glittering stories that make up this collection are exceptional. St. Peter’s Penis, has stayed with me since I first read it last year, and along with Sacred in this Light is one of the stand-out pieces of flash fiction I’ve had the pleasure to read. Ramey weaves his stories with assuredness and assiduity, and is a voice to be reckoned with.” – James Claffey, author of Blood a Cold Blue from Press 53.

“He seamlessly weaves a crazy-quilt of characters who – despite being a little lost and befuddled by the world – have moments of chandelier insight into their own human hearts. Reminiscent of Raymond Carver’s Little Things and Kim Chinquee’s Oh Baby, Glass Animals is a work of sparkling vision and compressed and surprising language – all put to work to reveal a world where everything’s at stake.” – Lori Jakiela, author of The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious.

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I live in beautiful New Castle, Pennsylvania with fellow writer, Susan Urbanek Linville, and a herd of reformed feral cats.

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10 Responses to ‘Tis More Blessed Week 4

  1. GREAT prize. It’s been a fun month; thanks again for participating in #Tismoreblessed 2013!

  2. Kristy says:

    Great reviews of your short story collection- sounds interesting!

  3. *raises her hand* Please add my name to the draw, I love short stories and would give your book a good home 😉

  4. Hey, Stephen. Thanks for participating. I would love to be entered into your contest for a chance to check out your work.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!


  5. Paul Beckman says:

    Please enter me in this drawing. One way or another I’ll read your book.

  6. Hi Stephen.
    I’d love to win a copy of your collection. Please enter my name into the draw. Thank you.

  7. debs says:

    Hello, hello. Great prize. I hope I win

  8. That sounds like an excellent collection.

  9. This week’s winner is Michelle Wallace. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the collection. I will contact you for a mailing address via your web blog.

  10. Yay! I won!
    Thank you so much Stephen!
    I’m looking forward to reading the collection.
    My e-mail addy is: mish@writer-in-transit.co.za

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