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Susan Tepper

Susan Tepper interviews me about Glass Animals at UNCOV/rd. She touches on a couple of my “issues” and two of my favorite stories from the collection. Here’s an excerpt.

ST:  Speaking of troubling behavior, let’s discuss your story Sacred in This Light.  This story is lyrical prose with legs, one that creeps up on the reader.  It’s a story of a profound misdeed.  You wrote:

The ground is a battlefield of shadow and light.  Do worms worship flame?  Will ants build monuments to this night?

Despite everything going on this story, I didn’t hate your character.  I should have, but you turned me!  And I still don’t know how you did.   Rather, I found myself startled and absorbed by it all.

SVR:   I think the attraction of this particular character is that he sees the wonder of the world around him; he feels the passion we long to feel in our lives. That’s an attractive quality, at least until we think through what he’s actually  done, the real consequences of it. One of the things I try very hard to do in the stories I write is to understand the motives of my characters at a deep level. I need to love them before I can do them justice on the page.

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