2014 – December 23 – Beautiful Day

Eye with tear.

Too beautiful to bear.

It’s the 23rd, and time for “Beautiful Day” by Darryl Price.

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It’s a beautiful day, Doc. The kind of day that makes you feel like it’s great to be alive, and that’s what’s so sad about it, I guess. I had a lot more to say to you in the lifetime, Doc, but I guess it’ll have to wait. I’m not all that good at waiting around for something to happen.

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Foggy Stardust

It’s always a beautiful day when I settle in to read the month’s installment of the Foggy Stardust series. I’ve presented my interpretation to date, of a man slowly recovering from dissociative trauma brought about by his sweetheart’s death. Last month presented a potential backslide, with the protagonist musing whether he was alive or dead, and whether love is real.

This month throws a wrench into the pot.

If I thought they’d do the trick, Doc, I’d stay here all night and pour them constantly over your grave like soothing water.

But the truth is, they are only my selfish tears. I got a lot of tears for you today, Doc. Great big gobs of buckets of little girl tears that I can’t seem to control right now.

Maybe I shouldn’t have to.

You were my friend.

My immediate interpretation is that the Doc has died, and our ragged protagonist has come to his grave to share a final story and thank him for all he did. I prefer to believe that the protagonist’s course has stabilized, and he has accepted his life now. The loss of his support system has made him stand up on his own wobbling legs. In that light, the final story is a bit of a puzzler, calling into question the time span of the series and the nature of the protagonist’s relationship with Doc. I feel as if there is a deeper dimension that I have missed, and that’s likely true, but the dimensions I perceived have been plenty satisfying. What a gloriously strange experience this has been.

I am most interested in your interpretations. Drop a comment if you dare.


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2 Responses to 2014 – December 23 – Beautiful Day

  1. Matt Potter says:

    Yes, I take it to be Doc has died … I wondered at first, but I think this straightforward explanations is it.

  2. susan tepper says:

    It’s totally clear to me that Doc is dead. Hey Matt Potter, lay off the spiked egg nog! haaaaaaaaaaaa

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