Worth a Read – 2015 – January 2

Steve reading

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So, what’s hot today?

1. #BrinkLegislation by Puneet Dutt  (The Molotov Cocktail)

The bleeding man with the bird shudders again. He’s beginning to look peaceful, as if he had always belonged to the ground. It’s so natural that people walk by talking on their cell phones. A woman with three children stands and watches.

In the mood for some strange? Give this one a try. It’s lyrical, shocking, and just a bit too close to true for comfort.

2. Beacon by K. S. O’Neill (Daily Science Fiction)

How to say it? Did it matter, still, that their people had set lights on the Cape for hundreds of years? That this was how they had survived, in the days of roaring bonfires calling sailing ships onto the rocks, of false RDF beacons calling yachts and small trading ships, and now this, the box and the satellite antenna calling in… these. Was it different now?

This reads a little long to me, but the premise is just so darned interesting.

What did you read today that merits wide attention?

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One Response to Worth a Read – 2015 – January 2

  1. Puneet Dutt says:

    Stephen, thank you for reviewing my flash fiction piece, and I am glad you enjoyed it.

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