Worth a Read – 2015 – January 5

Steve Reading w/Pink HorseWell, howdy there. I read a good bit today, considering it was my first day in the salt mines after a nice break. The piece that stood out today was a quirky bit of magic realism about a miniature pink horse.

1. Life of Pinky: All About Our (Pink) Horse by Jocelyn Lau (Eunoia Review)

Everything about Pinky lives up to her name. She has a lovely long – pink – mane, fuller than my hair could – would – ever be, and beautiful deep pink eyes. She did not bring shoes with her when she arrived and we thought we’d fashion something out of an old block of hard wood that we found in our void deck, to protect her lovely fuschia hooves.

2. Life of Pinky: Horsecity by Jocelyn Lau (Eunoia Review)

During the day, she travels with either of us, but usually with the Big Guy because he gets to meet more people, especially young people, who talk funny and wear nice clothes and have interesting belongings, unlike real adults like ourselves, who are usually frumpy and grumpy; and during his classes, she is able to romp around the classroom, poking at things and people, and when she gets tired, resting in students’ pencil cases. She loves it that her invisibility to people outside of our home allows her to get away with all her pranks.

3. Life of Pinky: Travels to Bintan by Jocelyn Lau (Eunoia Review)

I’d have thought that, judging from her appearance, Pinky would be a completely saccharine creature even in her taste for food, but strangely enough, that characteristic does not extend to coffee. Pinky loves coffee…

This playful series is a lot of fun to read, and maybe has a little something going on beneath the surface too. I’m reserving judgement on just how “great” it is, but it’s great reading when you’re in the mood for something light.


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  1. Light and quirky — sounds like a fun read.

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