Triangulation: Morning After – Stories 9-12

In which we continue through the slush pile in search of gems. Please remember that when we reject a piece it may well be accepted elsewhere. There are many markets, and virtually each of them has a particular slant. I’ve heard from authors in the past who had a story rejected here only to publish it at a higher paying market. On the other hand, when I point out structural flaws in a story, you would be wise to at least consider the possibility that your story can be improved upon.

Story 9: SF 5000 words 1/2/2012

 I like the opening paragraph very much and I like the way the story comes full circle to that image. I Continue reading

Triangulation: Morning After – Stories 1-8

This year, I will be reading slush and passing a portion of the stories on to a committee of second readers for their input. As I did last year, I intend to comment on each story here in my blog, removing personal and spoiler details in an attempt to protect the identity of the author/story while simultaneously providing meaningful feedback to authors and those of you who want to see what goes on behind the curtain, as it were. It’s also a good way for me to ensure I consider each story carefully, at least as carefully as my time permits. I owe you that much for sending your work to us.

 I also owe a number of Continue reading