Worth a Read – 2015 – January 5

Steve Reading w/Pink HorseWell, howdy there. I read a good bit today, considering it was my first day in the salt mines after a nice break. The piece that stood out today was a quirky bit of magic realism about a miniature pink horse.

1. Life of Pinky: All About Our (Pink) Horse by Jocelyn Lau (Eunoia Review)

Everything about Pinky lives up to her name. She has a lovely long – pink – mane, fuller than my hair could – would – ever be, and beautiful deep pink eyes. She did not bring shoes Continue reading

Worth a Read – 2015 – January 4

I read a lot this weekend, and this literary short story stood out for me.

1. At Risk by Gabriel Talent (Narrative)

All the boys except for Jim are huddled together with hoods drawn up and hands tucked into their sleeves to keep the mosquitoes off. The girls are in their tent, twenty yards off. Hoss and I walk past the huddled boys and unzip Jim’s tent and stoop into the wet stinking darkness. The floor tarp is covered in mud, the sleeping bags are half-sodden, and it smells like the devil took a shit in there. Jim lies stretched out to his full length, with one hand over his face to keep away mosquitoes, and he makes Continue reading

Worth a Read – 2015 – January 2

So, what’s hot today?

1. #BrinkLegislation by Puneet Dutt  (The Molotov Cocktail)

The bleeding man with the bird shudders again. He’s beginning to look peaceful, as if he had always belonged to the ground. It’s so natural that people walk by talking on their cell phones. A woman with three children stands and watches.

In the mood for some strange? Give this one a try. It’s lyrical, shocking, and just a bit too close to true for comfort.

2. Beacon by K. S. O’Neill (Daily Science Fiction)

How to say it? Did it matter, still, that their people had set lights on the Cape for hundreds of years? That this was how they had survived, in the days Continue reading

Worth a Read – 2015 – January 1

Now that my mini-reviews for Matt Potter’s ambitious 2014 project are finished, I thought I would turn my attention to a simpler task. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to read more. As I find works that seem particularly worth your time (provided your tastes are similar to mine, of course), I’ll post them here with a brief summary. If you’d like to join the discussion, feel free to drop a comment. If you’d like to suggest I read a particular work or author, let me know via the Contact Form. I don’t promise to post here every day, but I’ll do my best to post regularly. Subscribe if you care to, Continue reading