Ego Strokes

I’ve been too busy keeping up with various duties, e.g. daily review of 2014, two anthologies, moderating Show Me Your Lits and posting at Write 1 Sub 1, among others, to do much personal blogging. It’s important from time to time to take stock of things and feel good about the work into which we pour our passions (take that, Grammar Police!). So, here’s a quick update from the last couple of months.

I was selected as one of FlashFiction.Net’s Favorite Authors. This may not seem like a huge deal, but even to be mentioned in the same breath as writers like Raymond Carver and Kim Chinquee, Steve Almond, and Bruce Holland-Rogers (OMG!) is pretty life Continue reading

The Slippery Rock and Post-Experimentalism

Signing a book at Slippery Rock's Meet the Authors eventIt’s been a while since I posted a personal update here. Some cool things are happening, so I thought I’d bore you with some details. It is my blog, after all.

First and foremost, our big honking epic fantasy novel is being marketed this month by our intrepid agent, Caitlin Blasdell. We’re working on synopses and chapter outlines for book two. Please wish our baby luck out there in that cruel publishing world.

This weekend, Sue and I participated Continue reading

Anthologies and Contests and Novels, Oh My.

Busy Bee They say its’ good to be busy. In that case, I’ve been very, very good.

Judges have responded for the Parsec Short Story Contest, and I’m happy to report we have a consensus first place story, despite some very stiff competition. I’m always happy when three diverse judges agree on the top selection. I’ll report the winners at the contest page, once I’ve contacted everyone this week.

Triangulation: Morning After is entering the final stages. Today, I finished my editorial suggestions and contracts. If you’ve had a story accepted into the collection, and have not heard from me, Continue reading

Weekly Check In #8

Triangulation: Morning After Mock CoverThe main development this week is that we found donors willing to match contributions to this year’s Triangulation Anthology. Up to $1000, which means that if we can drum up $1000 in support from elsewhere, that amount will magically double to $2000. At that level, we’ll be paying very near pro rate. Last year’s anthology garnered SEVEN recommendations in Tangent’s Recommended Reading list. In the short story category (we don’t publish longer works), we had more stories recommended than Asimov’s. Is the anthology worth supporting? If you Continue reading

Weekly Check In #7

Gout, a 1799 caricature by James GillrayA rare attack of gout limited me this week, but I did manage three flashes,  “The Aphid Wizard” (500 words), “Uncertainty” (300 words) and “Jesus Licked” (200 words).

On the Liberty Hall front, I produced “The Aphid Wizard”, which took best flash this week. It needs (logic) work, but should find a home.

On the Show Me Your Lits front, I produced “Uncertainty” and “Jesus Licked”. The latter was well received, though it did not place in the finals. With just a bit of work, it should find a home.

On the submission front, I submitted Continue reading

Weekly Check In #6

Steve with bandageI wrote a literary flash this week,  “The Definition of Selected Words Before and After Diagnosis” (300 words).

On the Show Me Your Lits front, I produced above flash, which was well received, but did not make it to the best of the best voting. It’s an experimental piece, and needs more work.

On the submission front, I submitted “A Consequence of Copulation” to Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism, “Pink Percy” to Barge Journal, “In the Haze” to Untied Shoelaces of the Mind (rejected), and “One Act” to Continue reading

Weekly Check In #5

Stephen With FunnelThe weeks are flying by now.  I expanded upon a horror flash this week,  “Midnight Mass” (4500 words). Mainly I worked on the fantasy novel.

On the Show Me Your Lits front, I produced two flashes. Both were well received, but neither made it to the best of the best voting. I suspect that with some revision and polish both of these could find a home.

On the submission front, I submitted “Jehovah Joint” to Children, Churches and Daddies (accepted), “Last Call” to Flash Fiction Online, “A Life” to Fiction Collective Continue reading

Weekly Check In #4

And that’s a month down.  I wrote two literary flashes this week,  “The Years of Plenty” (600 words), and “Steps to a Bigger Butt” (560 words). The idea was to take it a bit easier this week in order to free up time to edit prior weeks’ stories. I did a bit of this, but mainly I worked on the fantasy novel. Our agent contacted me out of the blue to say she hoped I can send her a revision this spring as she sees a marketing opportunity. So, yeah, that project gets shifted to high priority, right?

On the Show Me Your Lits front, I produced the Continue reading

Weekly Check In #3

Made it through another week. I wrote an SF short story  “The Drought” (4600 words). This one went pretty smoothly, but for the final couple of scenes. Thank goodness, since my wonderful daughter’s birthday was today and we spent part of the weekend with her.

On the Show Me Your Lits front, I produced a rather Alice flash. “Cheshire Cheese,” a sexual awakening story, with cheese (and no actual sex). Made it to the best of the best voting again this week, but came in fourth.

On the submission front, I sent a genre-bending flash to cutaway press, and a literary flash to red lightbulbs.   I received a couple Continue reading

Weekly Check In #2

Another busy week.  I wrote an SF short story  “And Fury” (2900 words). This time I wrote steadily during the week and was up to 2500 words by Friday. Unfortunately, my trusty reader informed me that I was using the wrong viewpoint and needed to reorganize/rewrite most of it. Another long Saturday, but a much better story in the end.

On the Show Me Your Lits front, I produced two flashes.  First, “No Umbrella,” in which I challenged myself to use each word from a list of 20 or so in order, one per sentence, with no additional sentences in between. I guess you could call that experimental. I have Continue reading