Triangulation: Parch Anthology Open for Submissions

I’m happy to announce that submissions are now open for the Triangulation: Parch anthology. Please see the new web site for full details.

I will be responding to submissions very quickly this year, but with somewhat less feedback. The goal is to create an anthology between 50,000-60,000 words and have it available for the 2014 Confluence SF Convention in Pittsburgh (July 25-27).

For those of you awaiting word on the Steel Cities anthology from last year, rest assured we are moving forward with that project too. It will also be available for the convention, and hopefully before. If you still have a story under consideration, you should hear from me soon. I also intend to Continue reading

It’s Alive!

I owe a huge apology to you wonderful Steel Cities contributors. There is no excuse for my lack of communication these past few months, and I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting.

So, what happened? Normally, we release the anthology at the annual Confluence SF Convention in July in Pittsburgh. I gear up for that process in May and June, which makes those months pretty unbearable in terms of my own writing and day-to-day life. When the convention had to be cancelled this year, my first concern was that we might have to cancel Steel Cities too. For a time, I wavered between poles on this issue. On the one hand, the sales generated at Continue reading