Submissions for Triangluation: Steel Cities will open on January 1, 2013 (through March 15, 2013). See the Parsec Ink Submission Page for details.

Here is the Table of Contents for Triangulation: Morning After. For more information and reviews, see the Parsec Ink Page.


Cover art by Susan Urbanek Linville


  • “How the Caterpillar Cheated Death” By H.M. McInnes
  • “The Blue of Distance” By Erich William Bergmeier
  • “Scar Tissue Wings” By Aaron Polson
  • “After the Pipers” By Camille Alexa
  • “Nocte Finem” By Henry Tjernlund
  • “A Late Wind” By Tami Harris
  • “The Zombie Reader” By Bruce Memblatt
  • “After-spin” By Kylie Bullivant
  • “The Slap of the Plow” By Gordon A. Graves
  • “While She Sleeps, Mountains Tremble” By Milo James Fowler
  • “Orbium” By Kalisa Lessnau
  • “Colliding” By Alex Gorman
  • “The Beast” By Jacques Barbéri
  • “That Goldurned Hole” By Gary Cuba
  • “Nyabinghi’s Sacred Drum” By Susan Urbanek Linville
  • “Protection from the Darkness” By Jamie Lackey
  • “The House, the Garden, and Occupants” By Amanda C. Davis
  • “Lilith” By Madhvi Ramani
  • “Course Correction” By Kenneth B. Chiacchia
  • “The Passing-Bell” By Lydia S. Gray
  • “What Now, Callisthenes” By Christine Lucas
  • “The Blue Testament” By Marshall Payne
  • “All Unlooked For” By Nathaniel Lee
  • “The Third Portal” By DeAnna Knippling
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