Poem a Day

modern gargoyle

Anonymous work … A gargoyle with head in hands on the bell tower of New College, Oxford. Photograph: Chris Andrews/Corbis

In April, poets all over the world attempt to write a poem a day. I’m no poet, and I know it, but folks tell me I should try. What better excuse?

The output is bound to be largely amateurish, but what’s the point in writing these if I don’t show them to anyone? Plus, the challenge and all. I won’t be pushing these onto my facebook followers or promoting them here, but I’d be grateful for any comments you might have on individual poems. Am I doing anything well? Do I need to fall back on stand up comedy, or maybe stand up tragedy? More rhyme? Less angst? Would I know a meter from a sewing machine? Don’t be gentle. I have talcum.

Hey, at least I’m trying to push out of my comfort zone, right? (I wonder if that’s what Jeffrey Dahmer said?)

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Poem a Day – 2 of 30


There is a hole in the world

that spirals hole-in-the-world






Some pretend it is Hell.

Others call it manmade


It is what it is:

                           A hole

                 in the world.

Why are we not content with unknowing?

Why do we stand on its brink


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