Men Are Not Dragons at Fiction Vortex

I’m happy to report that my fantasy short story, “Men Are Not Dragons” has been published over at Fiction Vortex. The editors were great to work with, and I heartily recommend submitting good work to them.

As for the story, it has quite a history. I wrote the first draft of this story, then titled “The First Man” for James Gunn’s Intensive Workshop in Writing Science Fiction. This would have been around 2002. Kij Johnson liked the boldness of the opening scene, and the overall structure, but pointed out that I was missing a transitional scene in the relationship between boy and dragon. Continue reading

“A Clockwork Clef” at Chrome Baby

One of my favorite forms is flash fiction (under 1000 words, and often under 500) and my favorite genre is SF. Combine the two, and you get one of my best stories to date, “A Clockwork Clef”. It’s an obvious nod to the A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, but I think I brought something of my own to the mix as well. What do you think?

Thanks to editor Robin Wyatt Dunn at Chrome Baby for reprinting my baby in the Xmas Bairn.

The story originally appeared in the sadly defunct Eschatology, published by Bruce L. Priddy.