Triangulation Anthologies

This page collects blog entries related to the Triangulation anthology series from Parsec Ink.

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October was Morning After Month – Part 23

Story 23 is “All Unlooked For” by Nathaniel Lee, a writer living in North Carolina with his wife, child, and obligatory cats. He puts words in order, and sometimes people give him money for them. God help us all if he ever figures out how to make the two events concur regularly. His work, including a full bibliography, can be found at his daily writing blog, Mirrorshards ( where he publishes a 100-wordstory every day.

All Unlooked For

By Nathaniel Lee

Tricia woke to stabbing pain in her head. The morning sunlight sent lances of agony through her eyes, even with her lids closed. She recognized the rhythmic Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 22

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgOur 22nd story is “The Blue Testament” by Marshall Payne, a writer of science fiction and fantasy and has written over 100 stories and sold to 43 markets such as Aeon, Talebones, Brutarian and Triangulation: End of the Rainbow. He lives in San Antonio, Texas with novelist Jaime Lee Moyer and their two cats. His novels Petrol Queen and Jimmy-Don and the Texas Hill Country Ordeal are available on Learn more about him at or on his Author’s page.

The Blue Testament

By Marshall Payne

When the paramedics arrive just before midnight, they have to climb over the Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 21

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgStory 21 is “What Now, Callisthenes” by Christine Lucas. When her Feline Overlords permit it, she scribbles tales of historical fiction in all its subgenres. It comes as no surprise that most of her stories feature cats. Born and raised in Greece, now a retired Air Force Officer, she has had her work appear in several online and print magazines, including Daily Science Fiction, Cabinet des Fées, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Her short story “Dominion” (also known as “The Book of Genesis According to Cats”) appears in Ellen Datlow’s anthology Tails of Wonder and Imagination from Night Shade Books. She is currently Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 20

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgOur 20th offering is “The Passing Bell” by Lydia S Gray, who lives in Wales where she writes stories, crochets shawls and tells fortunes.

The Passing-Bell

By Lydia S. Gray

In the clearing beneath the ash tree Thana lifted her sword for the last time, and moved through the stances of the fighter: thrust, quarter, feint, and strike. With the ease of long practice she found the last position and, as she held the terminal pose, the ghosts of those she had killed passed before her. Friends and familiars, dead beneath the blade.

She slashed through a finishing stroke designed to Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 19

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgStory 19 is “Course Correction” by
Kenneth B. Chiacchia, whose bio reads like a random sampling of events from different people’s lives. A defrocked biochemist from a defunct department, he has since been a public relations writer, freelance newspaper reporter, science fiction author, wilderness EMT and search-and-rescue dog handler, firefighter, radio commentator, and hobby farmer. In 2011, Ken won a Golden Quill Award from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania for Best Writing, Radio. He also won the 2008 Carnegie Science Center Journalism Award. His speculative fiction credits include Cicada, Paradox, Oceans of the Mind, and Triangulation: Dark Glass. In an unlikely Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 18

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgOur 18th story is “Lilith” by Madhvi Ramani, who grew up in London where she studied English and then Creative Writing at university. Her short stories have been published in Triangulation: Last Contact, Blood Bound Books’ Night Terrors 2 anthology, Asia Literary Review and Stand magazine. Her first children’s book, Nina and the travelling Spice Shed, comes out in October 2012. She lives in Berlin with her husband, imaginary cat and the voices inside her head.


By Madhvi Ramani

When God created Adam, He said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone’ and He created a Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 17

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgStory 17 is “The House, the Garden, and Occupants” by Amanda C. Davis. She is a combustion engineer who loves baking, gardening, and, of course, ghosts. Her work has previously appeared in Triangulation: Last Contact and Triangulation: End of the Rainbow, as well as Redstone Science Fiction, Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, and others. You can follow her on Twitter (@davisac1) or read more of her work at

The House, the Garden, and Occupants

By Amanda C. Davis

This is Anne, with shreds of her gown wisping away like the edges of clouds, at the elbow of Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 16

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgOur 16th offering is “Protection from the Darkness” by Jamie Lackey. Jamie Lackey lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and their cat. She earned her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Her fiction has been accepted by dozens of venues, including The Living Dead 2, Daily Science Fiction, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. She reads slush for Clarkesworld Magazine and is an assistant editor at Electric Velocipede. She’s a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Find her online at

Protection from the Darkness

By Jamie Lackey

Tommy found Scraps at Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 15

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgStory 15 is “Nyabinghi’s Sacred Drum” by Susan Urbanek Linville, who has published over a dozen short fiction pieces in magazines, anthologies and on-line venues in the U.S. and Canada. She has worked as a freelance writer for newspapers and has published articles in encyclopedias. She is editor of PARSEC’s monthly newsletter, Sigma, and presently freelances scripts for Indiana University’s Podcast, A Moment of Science. The inspiring memoir she co-wrote with Twesigye Jackson Kagiri, A School for My Village, published by Viking-Penguin, remains available in book stores, and online. A fantasy novel, co-written with her husband is with their agent.

Nyabinghi’s Continue reading

October is Morning After Month – Part 14

110212_1728_OctoberWasM1.jpgOur fourteenth story is “That Goldurned Hole” by Gary Cuba, whose short speculative fiction has appeared in more than forty magazines and anthologies, including Jim Baen’s Universe, Flash Fiction Online, Universe Annex (Grantville Gazette), Abyss & Apex, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. He lives with his wife and a passel of unruly dogs and cats in South Carolina. Links to some of his other published fiction may be found at

That Goldurned Hole

By Gary Cuba

That goldurned hole opened itself up last week, out in the fallow field next to our farmhouse. Horace, my old coon dog, Continue reading