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2014 – April 19 – Flipping Out

It’s the nineteenth day, time for “Flipping Out” by Gay Degani.

Susan Tepper’s soundtrack for today’s reading is:

Charmaine snorts at the mushroom smell of wet grout and curses her husband. White tile! Not even subway! Didn’t she force him to watch hours of prerecorded HGTV just to avoid this kind of mistake? Marble equals updated . Tile, not so much. And still, he has the guy install it behind her back, while she’s at his sister’s fucking baby shower!

Last month I wrote: “Tension comes to a boil before the mac and cheese, but we get a sense of sands shifting way down deep.” Well, we ain’t seen Continue reading

2014 – April 18 – That Earthy Trace

April 18 brings “That Earthy Trace” by Stephen V. Ramey (reviewed by Andrew Stancek).

Susan Tepper’s soundtrack for today’s reading is:

“I sense your pain,” the Earth Mother says to our running, running, running protagonist Stephen, in the latest instalment of the Ramey saga. Pain seems to be all he has. He has no self-knowledge, no sense of responsibility, no commitment. He is supposed to be at a cancer specialist appointment which his long-suffering wife arranged, but he runs from it, runs from her. He wants to curl up into a foetal position, cry and be allowed to die.

The reader feels his pain, too, but feels frustration as well. At some point Continue reading

2014 – April 17 – The Rules We Shall Die By

It’s April 17 and we’re reading “The Rules We Shall Die By” by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz.

Susan Tepper’s soundtrack for today’s reading is:

“Vince says he’s not coming,” Aaron tells the group when he returns to the table . He was outside making a call. He plops down, slips his cell phone in his shirt pocket and alternates a glare between Diane and Phil. “What did you two do?”

Last month I wrote “The charm of this narrative is the energetic way it deals with dark topics.” This month the charm continues, albeit with an even darker Coen Brothers vibe.

“If he wanted to die, he would have made Continue reading

2014 – April 16 – A Dose of the Leather

It’s April 16, and we’re reading “A Dose of the Leather” by James Claffey.

Susan Tepper’s soundtrack for today’s reading is:

The windows are covered with frost and the Bird sees his breath in the air as he exhales. Melodie went back home to France last week when she found out her brother had a stroke and was in a coma. He touches the place setting where she had sat the evening before she took off for the ferry – a lace doily of his mother’s – and kissed him farewell in the hall. Oh, well, he thinks, stripping the linens from the table and getting the sandpaper out of his toolbox. It’s Continue reading

2014 – April 15 – Fourth Inning

It’s April 15th, and we’re reading “Fourth Inning” by Michael Webb.

Susan Tepper’s soundtrack for today’s reading is:

It isn’t baseball weather. Grey and forbidding, with a misting rain falling out of low, angry clouds, it’s soup and blanket weather for most, but just another early season day in another city for us. Nobody wants to play – not the sparse group of diehard fans huddled under cover; not the umpires, huddled inside until the last possible moment ; not the grounds crew warming their hands over the hot dog steam; and certainly not the players , conscious of the fragile bodies they are compensated so well for using. But the remorseless logic Continue reading

2014 – April 14 – Country Stars

On the 14th day, we’re reading “Country Stars” by Len Kuntz.

Susan Tepper’s soundtrack for today’s reading is:

I wake up in a wheat field, shivering, with something crawling across my face. My first instinct is to flick it away, but I steady myself, as a spider steps over the bridge of my nose.

Last month I wrote: “One senses that he will not so easily leave behind the baggage of a past life.” What can I say? I may have been right insofar as our erstwhile adventurer continues to pick up random women, possibly a reaction to his wife dumping him, but this month he’s so busy picking up new baggage that Continue reading

2014 – April 13 – No. 2 Pencil

Susan Tepper’s soundtrack for today’s reading is:

It’s April 13, and we’re reading “No. 2 Pencil” by Michelle Elvy.

“Got a pencil?” Rick leans across the aisle between the rows of desks toward his friend and holds out his hand.

Last month I wrote: “… there’s a sort of hyper-reality taking shape, and it leads us to a pitch-perfect ending that leaves us feeling hopeful for April.” Was my hope justified?

It’s hard to say. On the one hand, we see Stevie beginning to deal with his grief more directly. His isolation is shifting into anger at an appropriate target. That would be Rick.

His mind drifts back to the weekend before the accident, early in January, when Rick Continue reading

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