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2014 – October 24 – You’re Trash

On the 24th we’re reading “Take a Leap” by Teresa Burns Gunther.

I don’t like flying. But it’s a conference, mandatory. My boss grinned and said enjoy the perk! A conference on taxation? DC in August? I told him not to miss me and he said with too much enthusiasm , Oh, I won’t!

I’ve been a fan of this series all along. Who doesn’t like an acerbic nerd who’s doing her best to fit into a society she finds not the least worthy of fitting into? She’s something of a (Big Bang Theory) Sheldon who has not collected an entourage yet. Last month she was warming up to the possibility Continue reading

2014 – October 23 – This Particular Feeling

It’s the 23rd, and time for “This Particular Feeling” by Darryl Price.

Hey I’m writing this late into the night. I just wanted you to know things are still going pretty well with me and Ellen, except I don’t know what to do with this particular feeling. It’s almost happiness.

Well, I’m happy to report that our protagonist continues his healing process this month.  With each installment he takes another step from the faux security of the shadow of his madness. Last month I observed: “Meeting someone new is surely a good thing, but it’s troubling that the imagery this encounter evokes hearkens back to the vivid images of his original Continue reading

2014 – October 22 – The Way It Is

It’s the 22nd, time to read “The Way It Is” by Margaret Bingel.

“So ya mama is fuckin’ ya doctor?” Jeffery says way too loudly.

A mother pulls her children out of the way as the two men amble down the sidewalk.

“Well, shit son, I s’pose dat’s just da way it is.”

So far October has been a month of significant escalation in various story lines. We’ve had intense shifts of perspective, sudden revelation, and characters stressed to their breaking point. Which makes this very short installment something of a welcome breather. Last month I noted: “This has been an intense series.” Which makes a brief interlude Continue reading

2014 – October 21 – Revelation

On the 21st we’re reading “Revelation,” by Mandy Nicol.

For the first time in years the family is together, sitting around the dining table drinking coffee . Though Anthony calls his a cup of Joe.

Last month we were promised the return of Anthony, the favored (and apparently quite aware of that) brother from New York. Mum was looking forward to his return, which would set things right on the farm. Nadia figured he was up to something, likely something that would put them all at risk. So, which will it be?

Peregrine likes Anthony. He’s lying on the floor beside his chair, watching him and wagging his Continue reading

2014 – October 20 – Swapsies

On the 20th we’re reading “Swapsie” by Sally-Anne Macomber.

To: Milton Flaxmill, Red Cow Publishing

From: Trudy Polaris

Date: October 20, 2014 10: 28 a.m.

Re: A Cheery Tune

Milton! Milton! Milton!

Remember me, the woman who sent you Nuclear Fission in The Pyrénées?

More chilling words were never penned. And thus we are tossed once again into the raging storm that is Trudy Polaris. Last month Trudy caught wind (via a tin can listening device) that she has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. Obviously, this is not the sort of news a person forgets in one month’s time.

The Nobel Committee has been surprisingly silent this year , so Continue reading

2014 – October 19 – Devil Wind

It’s the 19th, time for “Devil Wind” by Gay Degani.

It happens every October in California, hot Santa Ana winds whip through the Old Road, stripping leaves from oaks, sucking up moisture. The devil stokes his furnace, and heat rises from the ground.

You know that moment when you’re gazing into an image and the hidden picture comes into focus? It would seem that October is that moment in 2014. With these installments, storylines reveal their hidden selves. Sometimes it’s a snap! as in the Suicide Club, or, as in this month’s installment for The Old Road, it’s a gentle unveiling. Last month began the process with the discovery of a murdered girl. Continue reading

2014 – October 18 – The Death of Mystery

The 18th brings “The Death of Mystery” by Stephen V. Ramey (reviewed by Andrew Stancek).

12: 01 AM

Mystery is dying. Anne told me earlier that we should have her put down before our vet closed for the weekend, but I couldn’t do that. I’ve never connected with an animal the way I connect with this cat. After eighteen years, we know each other’s signals. I can walk up to my recliner, point , and she’ll move to one side so that I can sit with her. It works the other way too. She’ll hop up – usually when I’m busy on the laptop – meow once, and stare at the gap between Continue reading

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